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Juliet & Reese Puppies born on 1/15/2017

Genetic Testing On Parents


Juliet: MDR1 N/N, HC: CLEAR.


#1 - *SOLD*         Scrappy Doo-Red Tri Male 

#2 - *SOLD*  Black Tri Male

#3 -  *SOLD*    Black Tri Male

#4 - Charlie     Black Tri Male

$800 - Full breeding rights $500 Pet (Neuter Contract)

#5 - *SOLD*   YuTu  Black Tri Female

#6 - *SOLD*      Gidget     Black Tri Female Very Small (smaller mini)

#7 - Edna   Black Tri Female (LargeMini/Small Standard)

$800 - Full breeding rights $500 Pet (Spay Contract)

#8 - *SOLD*      KONA    Female

Pre-purchase Application

If you are interested in purchasing an Aussie  puppy, fill in the requested information on the PRE-PURCHASE APPLICATION  page and submit it back to us. You must be approved before we will accept any deposit from you to purchase one of our AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS.  Our goal is to ensure each dog goes to a loving home and each owner gets the perfect dog for him or her. Each approved applicant will be notified (in the order their application was received) when a suitable puppy or older dog becomes available. You will then be given the opportunity to place a deposit on the desired puppy or dog to hold him/her until time for them to go to a new home. Please remember that if you desire a show/breeding potential puppy we reserve the right to pick your prospect for you as we know our Aussie's potential. From time to time we take in "rescue" dogs to re-home. We take pride in knowing all of the dogs we have re-homed have wonderful new families who adore their new "kids". We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about purchasing one of our wonderful AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. Just call or email us.